Happy International Women’s Day – Let’s Smash Some Ceilings, Folks!

I have thought deeply about all the different ways I could approach this topic, there are so many incredible movements that are bringing light to the important issue of women’s rights.

Perhaps among the most well known, the #metoo Movement is finally drawing attention to the injustices of our patriarchal society, albeit through the painful experiences of the women impacted, myself included. The impact of these different forms of abuse is beyond horrific. Justice absolutely is due, to speak lightly of the matter.

However, that being said, I want to do what I can to direct the stage in a positive way. As easy, and fun, as it would be to use this day as the perfect opportunity to man bash (we sure as hell have enough ammo), it is admittedly, highly unproductive. Seeing as my set intention for Women’s Day is to enact change and encourage growth, we’ll save that petty goodness for a different occasion.

Onward toward the positivity!