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Happy International Women’s Day – Let’s Smash Some Ceilings, Folks!

I have thought deeply about all the different ways I could approach this topic, there are so many incredible movements that are bringing light to the important issue of women’s rights.

Perhaps among the most well known, the #metoo Movement is finally drawing attention to the injustices of our patriarchal society, albeit through the painful experiences of the women impacted, myself included. The impact of these different forms of abuse is beyond horrific. Justice absolutely is due, to speak lightly of the matter.

However, that being said, I want to do what I can to direct the stage in a positive way. As easy, and fun, as it would be to use this day as the perfect opportunity to man bash (we sure as hell have enough ammo), it is admittedly, highly unproductive. Seeing as my set intention for Women’s Day is to enact change and encourage growth, we’ll save that petty goodness for a different occasion.

Onward toward the positivity!

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Mushroom Marinara Sauce Recipe

A hearty cremini mushroom marinara sauce with a generous helping of fresh basil, garlic, onion, and bell peppers, served with your favorite pasta.

I cannot emphasize enough how much I love, love, LOVE herbs and spices. I used roughly 4 oz of basil for this recipe, which for some people may be too much, and for some, too little! If you have fresh oregano readily available, feel free to use that as opposed to dried. As always, it depends on your personal taste preferences, so alter the recipe accordingly.

The cremini mushrooms, which are a fantastic meat substitute, give the sauce its hearty texture and umami flavor.

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9 Must Haves In Your Emotional First Aid Kit

How many of us have felt moments of deep despair, pain, or grief? In these moments where it feels like the sun has stopped shining forever, we can sometimes feel completely absorbed by the waves of our emotional turbulence. I’m willing to bet we have all felt a variation of this at one point in time or another.

There have been days (even weeks at some points) in my past that I was unable to get out of bed or leave my room. Needless to say, I wasn’t taking care of myself at all during these depressive states. I felt intensely suicidal – so much so that it was the only thing I could think about. I hardly ate or slept.

When I was seemingly stuck in these lows, it would have been so immensely helpful if I knew the concept of emotional first aid and had a kit on hand.

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5 Tips For How To Master Self Love

In a culture where we’re taught to conform and receive massive amounts of conditioning and programming, self love is a concept that seems elusive to many of us. Although self love is rapidly gaining traction, exactly how to put this into practice can still feel like a dog chasing his tail.

For this reason, I’ve put together a practical guide of things to focus on in order to master self love, and to help you continue on your journey to fulfillment and wellness.

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6 Things You Need To Know About Anxiety

How many of us have felt the gnawing sensation of anxiety in our lives? Most of us are aware of the word “anxiety”. After all, anxiety disorders are the leading mental health issue we face as a species today. But how many of us are actually able to identify the emotion when we experience it and understand what it is trying to tell us?

The way anxiety manifests for every individual differs slightly. For some this can be felt as a chest tightness, throat constriction, and shortness of breath. For others this may be a swirling of thoughts in the mind, leading to dizziness and vision impairment. For you, the sensation of anxiety could be something completely different than the next person might experience.

Identifying the anxious state is step number one, so good on you if you’re already able to do this! The next thing we all want to work on is understanding anxiety for what it is in order to accept it as a deeply human condition, and understand the purpose of anxiety plays in actually assisting our wellbeing.

I know, I know, it sounds outrageous! Anxiety? A good thing? How can this possibly be? Here’s a few things I learned along my mental health journey that helped me to understand the role of anxiety in my life.

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Chips And Dips Recipe – Guacamole, Corn Pico De Gallo, & Chili Cashew Cheese

A trio of dips with guacamole, corn pico de gallo, and chili cashew cheese served with pan-fried tortilla chips and Belgian endives.

This dip trio is the perfect munching food for serving at family gatherings, game night, or a Sunday fun-day of solitary Netflix! Portions can be altered for individual consumption – or not, if you want to have a snack palooza party for one (been there).

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13 Things To Leave Behind In 2018

The end of the year signals the release of what is no longer serving us in order to welcome in the new possibilities, opportunities, and adventures of the upcoming year. Just as when decluttering our homes, we must clear space in our lives, minds, and hearts to bring in the new.

At the close of 2018, a year of trials, successes, and abundant lessons learned from the multitude of retrogrades this year, take a few moments to reflect on how far you’ve come. Consider what you’d like from the year to come, and what you’d like to leave in 2018. Set an intention for 2019, perhaps write a list of goals you’d like to accomplish, write a list of what you are releasing and letting go of.

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